Feet Up Hostels Barcelona


10% Discount and Free Laundry with Shaz List!


Address: Passatge Regente Mendieta, 5, 08028 Barcelona
Phone: 934 49 05 96
Email: nest@feetuphostels.com
Address: https://www.feetuphostels.com

Stay at one of Feet Up Hostels two locations: Yellow Nest: Located in Les Corts, enjoy Wi-Fi inside every room, cinema room and game room. With Shaz List, Yellow Nest also offers you Free Laundry!Both facilities come with a fully equipped kitchen and 24-hour reception. Garden House: The feature garden house provides a relaxing accommodation for travelers. With a terrace, garden and popular parks nearby such as the Labyrinth and Parc Guell, this is the perfect stay for a quiet and natural experience in Barcelona.



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