You have just arrived to Barcelona all alone and walking around with NO friends? If its true then you do not need to worry about, after this meeting you will have at least 10 friends (100 percent guaranteed)

Since 2009, I organize this meeting and every year more than 200 new Erasmus & International students attend this meeting, many new friendships were established and they stayed together during all their Erasmus Period in Barcelona (some of them became couples too 😀 … haha )

If you want to join us in our Erasmus meetings just fill the form at the top.

Erasmus Barcelona students meeting

What is it?

Erasmus Meetings in Barcelona - meetings take place in several points of the city, such us Parc de la Ciutadella, Parc Joan Mirón, Parc del Labirint and many others. This way, not only will you meet a lot of students from all around the world, but also visit some of the best parks of the city!

How can I join Erasmus Meeting Barcelona?

Easy! You just need to join our event. If you don't wan to miss any erasmus activities in Barcelona add Shaz as a friend on facebook and he will keep you updated about all the info you need.


  • Every year around 300 Erasmus students participate in our welcome meetings.
  • When the meeting finishes everyone has at least 10 friends (guaranteed!)
  • These meetings are so famous they were showed on television.

See it for your self:

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Erasmus Barcelona

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