Nit dels Museus – Free Museums Night

The Night of the Museums in Barcelona

For those who want to make some break between one party night and another we have great proposition: The Museums night in Barcelona.

As some of you know, the International Council of Museums organizes every year the International Museum Dat, around 18th May. The city of Barcelona also prepares a big event every year in the middle of May on this occasion.

This year on the 14th of May from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM, most of museums are going to open their doors for visitors for free. If for some of you, visiting museums seems to be boring, don’t worry! There are going to be much more to do that just looking at art! During this special night, all Barcelona will bustle even more than every normal weekend. In the streets, you can find exhibitions, dance shows, concerts, workshops, street food and so much more.

la nit dels museus

Of course, it will be hard to visit all the museums in one night. To make it easier, museums are also free on the 15th of May. For more details and a list of all museums, please visit this website: La Nit dels Museus.

Museums Sunday afternoons

If for some reason you won’t be in the city this time, you will have another opportunity to visit some of museums for free. During Saturday and Sunday, entrances are often free. Just check the list:


mueso picasso



Erasmus Barcelona Team hopes to see YOU somewhere during this magic Saturday night!

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