Sant Joan Night

Sant Joan is one of Barcelona’s biggest and noisiest parties. It’s a night of fire, fireworks, cakes and Cava.
The celebration begins with the sunset of 23/June and goes on and on till the sunrise. The most important element of the festival is undoubtly fire. The tradition is to light bonfires – at Plaça de Sant Jaume, in the gothic area of Barcelona, you will find one of the biggest flames you will ever see! But if you want real craziness and a youthful atmosphere, you must spend the night at the beach, where many groups of friends light their bonfires.

Then, around 20:00, the fireworks start. Each barrio in Barcelona has its own small firework display followed by music and street parties.
So don’t even think about sleeping 😉 Just go outside and join the fiesta!


Tradition says that if you swim at the beach in Sant Joan you will have good health all year.
Also, if you burn something in a Sant Joan fire, it will clean all your sins and rid you of bad luck. So come on sinners, it’s time to purify your spirit 😉 and perhaps to get rid of your ex-boyfriend pictures…

Sant Joan Night at Barcelona
Sant Joan Night at Barcelona

Extra Notes:

– During the Nit of Sant Joan, Barcelona metro and trams are open all night (but take note: they will be very crowded!)
– June 24 the city will be extremly quiet – it’s a Public Holiday and a hangover day! So make sure you buy your bread (and aspirine) the day before…
– Take good care of your belongings. During Sant Joan there are a lot of robberies.

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