Save some money with this list of 5 cheapest markets in Barcelona

Save some money with this list of 5 cheapest markets in Barcelona

We have shopped in each market so you don’t have to.

Searching for cheap food? No idea where to shop in Barcelona? We know you are on a budget. The less you spend on food the better (and save for drinks and trips). Getting to know proper places to shop is usually harder than finding the best tourist spots and the ticket to Sagrada Familia may cost you less than a shopping made in an expensive place. If you want to go deep into cheap shopping, you can visit the website of the OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users) and find the cheapest markets in Barcelona nearby your place. Equally well, just look at the list, turn your Google Maps on and start the adventure (far away from La Rambla, of course).

1. Mercadona is best for you ($)

Mercadona Front Picture

Our winner in the Ronda Sant Pere.

Mercadona is an originally Spanish market and the right place to shop for almost everything. It is less international than Carrefour but its general offer is satisfying. There are many Mercadonas in the centre and what makes them special are not only the cheapest prices (according to the OCU) and good quality of products, but also their… design. Mercadona does not feel like one of the cheapest markets in Barcelona, even though it is one. It contains a lot of facilities, starting with eating out tables and ending at microwaves. Spend little, feel good!

mercadona fruits

A lot of cheap veg and fruits as well as a big variety of frozen foods. Plus the mirrors everywhere, you can check your hair as much as you want.

Mercadona salads

You can get yourself a takeaway salad together with warm croquetas, it makes it feel like being in a Spanish McDonalds.

Mercadona microwave

Additionally, if you feel like eating your ready meal in this lovely market, you have an access to a microwave together with some cutlery.

An exemplary Italian meal set: a bag of spinach, ready lasagna (okay to eat when coming back home at 4 am, starving), some fresh veg, colorful pasta (which costed less than one euro), very tasty dumplings with aubergine, a bottle of fresh orange juice (can be easily found in almost every market in Spain) and cherries. Everything was for 11.55 euro.

General advantages: cheap, big, many facilities, big choice, nice to shop in.

Possible disadvantages: closed on Sundays. There are few shops in Les Corts and Gracia. Moreover, some Catalans don’t like it for political reasons as it is considered to be too supportive for Spain.

2. Consum, which is almost like Mercadona ($)

consum front

There are many Consum markets in the centre, including the one nearby Sant Antoni Market.

Consum and Mercadona win the ranking of the cheapest markets in Barcelona and they are easy to find in the city centre. Consum has got a wide range of products, starting from canned food and meat and ending with cosmetics. You are lucky if you live nearby.

consum wines

A big choice of cheap alcohol is a plus.

consum basket

The biggest shopping I have done so far: toilet paper rolls, a hair conditioner, a choice of vegetables, a natural yogurt, a sugar-free jam (extremely hard to open), a box of cherries (slightly more expensive than in Mercadona), two cans of Barcelona’s traditional beer Moritz together with salsa romesco and salsa allioli (for my Spanish recipes). Everything for 23.77 euro.

General advantages: prices similar to Mercadona, easy to find in the centre, many different kinds of products and big variety.

Possible disadvantages: crowded in the afternoons, closed on Sundays.

3. LIDL, the best choice number 3 ($)

LIDL front

This hidden gem is to be found, among others, just underneath Sant Antoni Market.

No matter the quality, Lidl is always among the cheapest markets in Spain. You can find it all around the city centre, so it is very possible that one of the stores will be just around the corner of the apartment you rented for the following couple of months. It has a lot of cheap stuff for your homemade meal, even if preparing it with only Lidl products may require some creativity sometimes. However, there is plenty of just-microwave-it Italian food you can live on for months.

lidl wine

Lidl will have what you need most in a very affordable price.

lidl cheap wine

So if you don’t mind quality that much, this is just for you.

A lunch and breakfast exemplary set: some chicken breast (an amount that will make do for three days to come), two zucchinis and canned tomatoes to accompany the chicken later, the cheapest yogurt found, two apples, fresh orange juice, and a small fig (for the sweetness of life), everything for 8. 42 euro.

General advantages: cheap and big.

Possible disadvantages: rather low quality of products. Closed on Sundays and public holidays, which means you may sometimes need to go for cheap alcohol in advance. It is also always crowded in the afternoons.

4. Carrefour Market ($/$$) better quality, not easy to find

carrefour front

This one is hiding just behind La Rambla.

Carrefour is a good shopping place for products you couldn’t find in Lidl as it definitely has got more interesting stuff on the shelves. Prices are just okay but not the cheapest from other markets in Barcelona. However, nothing good lasts forever:  there aren’t many Carrefour Markets in the city center, as the chain store is generally limited to Carrefour Express only. However, if you live nearby Plaça de Catalunya or Les Corts, it might be worth popping in for some shitake mushrooms for your homemade tom yum sup (if you like to cook). Variety is a thing.

carrefour veg

Many different kinds of veg in affordable prices.

carrefour wine

There are many ‘’buy one, get another cheaper’’ promotions, which may include any product you like.

carrefour products

Another exemplary set (lunch and dinner this time):  fresh artichokes for dinner, shitake mushrooms and coconut milk (as said earlier), simple spaghetti with cut ham and pesto, two nectarines. Everything for 11.39 euro.

General advantages: a lot of different products (including international ones) and promotions possible if you buy a lot of stuff. Better quality than Lidl and more choice. Long opening hours.

Disadvantages:  very few stores. Not the cheapest. Closed on Sundays. The store in La Rambla is always crowded and it takes ages to pay and leave.

4. Caprabo ($$) is…. Just okay.

caprabo front

A Caprabo market hidden nearby the Urgell station.

Caprabo is that “just okay” friend you sometimes come across in the city, it may not be your bestie but it is good to meet up on some occasions. Is not the most expensive, but not the cheapest neither. It will have what you want, even though its offer of fresh vegetables is rather limited.

caprabo veg

Yeah okay

It does have cheap alcohol (with a variety of choice). What else do we need? We don’t think you meticulously plan all your shopping in detail to spare every cent.  This is not what you went to Barcelona for. We can’t plan all our moves ahead, so it might be good to see that good friend of us from time to time.

caprabo wine

It definitely will be good.

caprabo basket

A soup vegetable set with a lonely onion, Spanish fideua and a big pack of chicken thigs, a local mozarella-like product called Burgo de Arias and a pack of green beans (which could have been cheaper). All within a price I already forgot, what means it was nothing special to remember.

General advantages: not very expensive, it will also have a ready set of vegetables for your salad. Easy to find in the centre.

Possible disadvantages: rather limited choice of products. Closed on Sundays.

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