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Interested in some sightseeing, shopping, tasty local cuisine and, mainly, the Pilar Festival? So let’s go to Zaragoza! Zaragoza is the host of one of the most famous, unique and largest festivals in Spain.

So don’t miss your chance to see one of Spain’s major cities, which is full of vivid and elegant vibes, cosy narrow streets with a lot of boutiques, marketplaces and souvenir shops. Also, it has one of the richest cultural heritage in Spain and can be proud of a lot of incredible landmarks. During the trip, we will visit one of them – the Aljafería Palace, a gorgeous and architecturally important Islamic palace, the pride of Zaragoza.

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  • The Trip plan

  • Zaragoza

    • 7:45 - Meeting point at the corner of  Plaza Drassanes with Av.  Paral-lel.
    • 8:00 - Departure of the bus
    • 12:00 - Arrival in Zaragoza
    • 12:00-16:45 - Free time to discover the city
    • 16:45 - Meeting point in front of Aljaferia Palace The Aljafería Palace is one of Zaragoza's top historical attractions. Unique in its historical context as the largest surviving example of Islamic/Spanish architecture from the Taifas period. It is the only large building from the time of Muslim rule in Spain that can be seen outside of Andalusia region.
    • 17:00 - Visit the Palace
    • 18:00 - 23:00 Free time
    • 23:00 - Meeting point to take the bus back to Barcelona
    • 23:15 - Departure of the bus
    • 3:00 - Arrival back in Barcelona



Zaragoza trip


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