5 essential tips that will prepare you for Barcelona

5 essential tips that will prepare you for Barcelona

Just booked your flight ticket to the beautiful Catalan city? Whether you are going as a traveller, for work or studying abroad, we will have you covered with 5 essential tips to prepare you the best way possible for an unforgettable experience in charming Barcelona. 

#1 Get used to the tourists! 

The many famous and spectacular attractions that the beautiful city of Barcelona offers, as well as the sunny weather and the beach, makes the city a very touristy destination all year round. Be aware that some locations will be crowded and busy because of the tourists, especially La Rambla, Barceloneta Beach, La Boqueria Market, the Gothic Quarter and Passeig De Grácia. In those areas you need to be really aware of pickpockets too, prepare yourself and know how to avoid pickpockets in Barcelona.

Being a touristy city is not necessarily a negative thing, so look at the bright side: you will meet people from all over the world, the local people living in Barcelona is generally better at understanding your English than many others, you are not the only one walking around looking confused trying to find the right directions, and the city has a lot to offer for the tourists, that you can benefit from, such as hundreds of international and Catalan bars and restaurants. If you want to visit some of the less touristy areas, you should see the list of secret spots of Barcelona.

#2 Watch out for traps! 

People in Barcelona sometimes take advantage of the many travellers in the city. You should avoid exorbitant restaurants and cafes that often have big posters of unpleasant food photos and where the menu comes in 5 different languages. That kind of companies will most likely be catering to a tourist crowd, which means the prices will be really high compared to the quality of the food. Those restaurants and cafes are especially located in La Rambla and near Barceloneta Beach. You should also be attentive to the 24h shops that are located, among others, near La Rambla. In some cases, they will charge you more than the actual price, it is recommended to go to a supermarket such as Dia, Carrefour Market, and Mercadona.

When finding accommodation, watch out for scammers. Be sure to receive a real contract in case you are renting and rent from a secure platform. We will let you know more about how to find accommodation in Barcelona here.

#3 You are entering Catalonia, not Spain!

As you might know, Catalonia has declared independence from the rest of Spain. The Catalans also view their culture as unique to the rest of Spain. Just to mention one: the language. Catalan is not seen as a dialect of Spanish, but as a language next to Spanish. Some of Catalan’s other pride include their food, art, and the work ethic. In general, you should be careful with talking about nationality and language issues when in Barcelona.

#4 Be aware of a different timetable!

You do not have to rush, being punctual is not a number one priority here. You cannot always count on the scheduled time, one example would be the transport (especially the bus), and if a place says it will open at 9 a.m., do not always expect it to be ready for you at 9 a.m. sharp. Get used to having very late dinners, not going out partying before 1 or 2 a.m. and having the siesta as well. Additionally, many companies are closed on Sundays (especially supermarkets) so find time to buy necessary things on Saturday. It will be possible to find open restaurants, bars, and souvenir shops near the touristy areas though.

#5 Partying does not have to be expensive!

You do not have to spend all your money on partying, you can save money from your budget and use the money for food or clothing instead, what’s not to like? The city is full of budget friendly-bars, the beer is cheap and you can get in for free at Barcelona’s best nightclubs such as Opium, Pacha, and Eclipse by saying you are on the Shaz guest list’ in the club entrance. You can also attend special events such as free dinners before the party, or have birthday celebrations. For all information about partying, go to the Erasmus Barcelona Facebook page. Let the party begin!

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