The secret spots of Barcelona

Best places to visit in Barcelona

The Secret spots of Barcelona


Sagrada Familia, Arc de Triomf, Casa Batllo… We all know these touristy places in Barcelona which we all have seen more than once. But there is so much more to Barcelona. In this article, we are sharing with you the secret spots of Barcelona.


L’Antic Teatre

Secret spots in Barcelona,L'Antic Teatre barcelona The first one on our list is the Antic Teatre, which is almost impossible to find. It is indeed hidden in an alley, behind some heavy doors. It is located in the Born district not too far from the Urquinoa Metro.

The Antic Teatre is a cultural centre hosting independent shows all year long.  The performances usually start at 8 pm on weekdays, and 9 pm on weekends. In the garden though, you will find every nice bar, open all day. There you can enjoy something to eat or drink. We definitely love the hidden aspect of this bar.

Parc Laberint d’Horta

Secret spots in Barcelona,Parc Laberint d'Horta

As you may have seen in our ”top 5 parks in Barcelona”, in the district of Horta is a park containing a labyrinth. There you can as well pass by small streams and waterfalls. In addition, there are very beautiful buildings, and a pool of colored carps.

This park is incredibly scenic and very nice. It is the perfect place when it’s really hot as it is full of trees, and where the sunset is particularly beautiful at the end of the day.  The price to visit the park runs around 2.50 EUR per person since it is taken care of by the city of Barcelona.

But you can visit it for free on Sundays and Wednesdays!


Pipa Club

Secret spots in Barcelona,Pipa Club

This quaint jazz club is very much unknown as well as it is hidden in an apartment in Plaça Reial. To find it, just ask any local who will be able to point out which doorbell needs to be rang to get in.

Once you go up the stairs you will find a huge flat turned into a bar, with windy corridors, huge cosy couches, and sometimes even live music. It is often open later than most bars, this place is worth the detour!

El Gato Del Raval

Secret spots in Barcelona,El Gato Del Raval

El Gato Del Raval is a sculpture by the Colombian artist Fernando Botero. It was sold to the municipality of Barcelona in 1987. During the 1992 Summer Olympics, El Gato del Raval was put in the Olympic Stadium, before being moved to the Raval’s Rambla.



Secret spots in Barcelona,Nevermind

Barcelona is the European capital of skateboarding, you can not miss all the skaters in MACBA or in Barceloneta. So it was obligated for someone to create a pub around this sport.

In Nevermind, the walls are lined with stickers of popular brands of skate culture, you can find a multitude of tags that covers the whole place, as well as tables and chairs in skates form. The most unusual space is a back room in which a skate park was recreated. You can find this atypic bar in Raval, so if you are a fan of skateboarding or just curious to try it out, do not hesitate and head to Nevermind!


Temple of Augustus

Secret spots in Barcelona,Temple of Augustus

Behind the cathedral, inside a medieval building, you will find the most significant remains of the Roman era in Barcelona: the columns of the temple of Augustus. Built during the 1st century BC, the temple was intended for the worship of the Emperor. The columns are 9 m high and have witnessed more than 2,000 years of history.

Only four columns with a Corinthian capital on a podium are still up. This temple presided over the Roman Forum in Barcelona, where the magistracies and the market were held. It is surrounded by a charming garden and was afterwards remodelled in the Gothic period.

Bunkers del Carmel

Bunkers del Carmel is one of the places where you can admire the city from above. Getting there may be a bit difficult but you will be glad to see this breathtaking view.


Do you know any more hidden spots in Barcelona? If you do, please share them with us! 🙂


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