Stages of life after Erasmus

Stages of life after Erasmus

Your Erasmus life is coming to an end and we all know how difficult this can be! I mean, we all did not anticipate how great it would be but it probably turned out to be one the best experience in our life! If this is the case for you, you will possibly go through these different stages! Read our article on the Stages of life after Erasmus and do not hesitate to leave a comment if you want to share your experiences!

#1 Visit your favorite spots one last time!

One good idea and that you will probably do is going back to the places that are dear to your heart and you want to see one last time! These spots might be emotional or simply just beautiful!

#2 …Cry

Ok, now it’s time to go home and your heart is feeling heavy! You get on the plane and you are flying over your beloved city and here come the tears! It is the kick to realizing that it is officially over.

#3 Print all your memories and hang them up!

At this point, you are back home dreaming about your other adoptive home that you left! You want to remember every single moment and already feel nostalgic! And what one the best way to deal with this situation is to print out the pictures that you took, all the Polaroids and dedicate a wall for them!

#4 Find the cheapest flight to go back!

You keep reliving in your head the wonderful moments you had! You are still in denial that one the best experiences in your life are already over, so the next thing you do is finding the next free slot in your calendar, looking for the cheapest flight and start messaging all your friends to make plans which will or not actually happen!

# 5 Time to accept it!

Now that you have messaged all your friends, you might realize that the reactions were not exactly what you expected! Your friends are either busy or started to move on with their life back home! It is not because you are not friends anymore it is just because life goes on, but even from far away you still care about each over. So, you decide that it is time to accept it and to make the best of your current situation!

#6 Experience abroad again!

Even though you have finally accepted that Erasmus life is over, you still want to have the option to do a relatively similar experience! So you google all the program you can join or try to see with your university the different choices that you have! One thing is sure, it was not your last experience abroad!

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 Stages of life after Erasmus
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Stages of life after Erasmus
Your Erasmus life is coming to an end? Have a look at our article on the different Stages of life after Erasmus that we all live!
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