Barcelona from above – the best spots to see the city

Don’t you think it’s amazing to see huge cities like Lego? Find out more about Barcelona’s best views.

We all know that Barcelona is a beautiful metropolis, and seen from above it gets even better – with the sea, the mountains, the huge monuments popping up in the middle – Sagrada Familia and Agbar tower – and the manzanas so perfectly aligned, it will take your breath away… Barcelona’s best views

The question is: Which are the best spots to see the whole of Barcelona from above? 


1. Tibidabo. 

Pretty obvious this one. You have to be willing to spend a lot of time to get here – bus, or train, and then funicular… But honestly, when you get there, it will be worth all the effort. Barcelona will look bigger than ever! Then, to make things even more interesting, Tibidabo has a beautiful church, the Temple de Sagrat Cor, that you can – and must – visit and an amusement park. You can spend a really fun day at the highest spot in Barcelona, with an overwhelming view, rollercoasters and delicious waffles. Take your camera and more money than usual. (28€ just to go to the Park… well…! Just make sure you get there early and on a sunny day!)
How to get there: Train (Av. Tibidado and then funicular)


2. Park Güell.

Here you can get a nice panoramic view of the city of Gaudi’s mosaics as a frame. Here’s a little tip… The best views are from the cross-topped Turó del Calvari in the southwest corner. And now, since the park is no longer FREE, you won’t have that much trouble to take a good picture. Since you’re already there, why not try out 10 things to do in Park Güell
How to get there: Metro L3, exit Lesseps. Then, around 10 minutes walking up the hill.


3. Restaurante Mirablau.

Here you can enjoy a fresh mojito with your friends while staring at beautiful Barcelona or have an incredibly romantic dinner (their chocolate cake is great, we wouldn’t share it…) above all the city lights. And well, then, if you have enough time and will, Tibidado is just one step ahead!
How to get there: Train station Av, Tibidabo. 


4. Montjuïc.

It’s true: you don’t have to go all the way up to see the breathtaking view (but you should, anyway!). It is quite impressive if you get to MNAC! In Montjuic there are plenty of spots where you can go for sight viewing; the best one is indeed the Castle. You can also take the teleferico and go down until Barcelona’s Port Vell.
How to get there: Paralel (L2 or L3) metro exit will take directly to the Funicular that goes up the hill. But you can also get off at Plaza España (L1) and walk in MNAC direction. Then, just follow the indications.


5. Sagrada Familia.

 Yes, of course. You have to go there eventually! Located in the heart of Eixample (more or less), from the top you will see Barcelona’s amazing manzanas cut by the diagonal avenue. It’s an amazing inside-city-perspective! And besides that, well, it’s probably the most beautiful monument in town. There’s nothing else we can add, you really have to go and see it by yourself!
How to get there: Sagrada Familia Metro Exit.


6. W HOTEL. 

You know this weird looking Hotel in Barceloneta beach? Yes, actually you can go in there without being a guest! They have some great parties – and believe us – great drinks that you cannot miss! Our suggestion: put on some fancy nice clothes, join Shaz list, and go there for a cocktail! You will be amazed by Barcelona’s beach line, with all the city lights and stars above… Really, who needs Paris?
How to get there: Barcelona metro exit. 

Barcelona’s best views

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