Barcelona’s 4 much better beaches than Barceloneta

Barcelona’s 4 much better beaches than Barceloneta

Want to go to one of Barcelona’s beaches but not to Barceloneta? We got you.

Escaping the dirty sand is easier than you think.

  1. Platja de la Nova Icària

This beach is just ahead of Barceloneta, you must only pass the beach clubs north of it and here you are! Nova Icària has got much better sand and cleaner water, more space and usually less people. It is a perfect choice if you are tired with dirt and crowd as it is more popular with locals. You can also rent and umbrella for around 10-12 euros per day. Unfortunately (or not), you will not escape the street vendors, so you’d better get prepared for more massage and beer-cerveza offers. Watch your stuff as well.

  1. Platja del Bogatell

This lovely beach is very similar to its neighbor Nova Icària. The two beaches are right next to each other so you can easily choose between them. It is also clear and more spacious, less touristy, not that crowded and usually has less street vendors. It is worth taking a longer walk.

  1. Badalona

Badalona is a little town right next to Barcelona and a perfect choice for a weekend beach experience. The beaches stretch alongside the town and are definitely better and less crowded than most of beaches in Barcelona. Good quality of sand and sea makes it all worth a visit. We advise you take a R1 train towards Macanet-Massanes from Barcelona-Stants or Plaça de Catalunya and get off in Badalona. It should cost you no more than 4 euros. You can also go by metro line L2.

  1. Castelldelfels

Castelldefels is a town just 30 minutes south from Barcelona and an awesome place for a day out. The beach is just massive: long, spacious and beautiful, definitely better than any beach in Barcelona. There is enough space for everyone so people are not at the top of each other. There are showers everywhere and many other facilities. You can easily try kite surfing, take a drink at a bar or collect some shells. We advise you take a train R2 from Barcelona-Sants or Passeig de Gràcia. It shouldn’t cost you more than 5 euros.


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