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best brunch places in Barcelona , Erasmus Barcelona

Visit the best brunch places in Barcelona!

What’s better than waking up late on the weekends and indulging yourself in the lazy and relaxing atmosphere in some of the best brunch places in Barcelona? Brunch is the perfect way to start your day and to reward yourself for the hard work throughout the week. It can not only satisfy your cravings for food after a long comfy sleep but also serve as the best way to meditate your soul. If you are interested in visiting some of the healthiest and most delicious brunches in town, keep reading and we will tell you more!

Picnic Restaurant

Picnic Restaurant , best brunch places in Barcelona

Picnic Restaurant is one of the most popular brunch places in town due to its large variety of food options and a vibrant atmosphere which makes you want to revisit all the time. The restaurant is located in the hectic district near Arc de Triomphe which makes it extremely accessible and convenient for visitors. Picnic is renowned for its vegetarian-friendly menu which provides diners with the most innovative and healthy food choices. Dishes in Picnic is made with fresh and quality ingredients and you will not regret visiting this place. For those who are going, we recommend you try out their signature fluffy pancakes and quinoa hash browns, they will bring you to heaven!

Address: 1 Carrer del Comerc, 08003 Barcelona
Phone: +34 935 11 66 61
Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 13:00 – 16:00, Tuesday to Saturday: 20:00 – 00:30(cocktails until 0200), Saturday and Sunday: 11:30-17:00, closed on Monday and Sunday night

Brunch & Cake

Brunch and Cake, best brunch places in Barcelona

Located near the Universitat, Brunch & Cake is one of the busiest and most favoured restaurants in Barcelona. The shop is renowned for its elegant plating skills and decent dishes. All the dishes are decorated with sauces in vibrant colours and different kinds of herbs and petals to spice up your experience. One of the must tries is definitely the egg benedict served with waffle. The fancy food is not just a delicacy to your tummy but also to your sight. You can always choose to sit outdoors and enjoy the soft breeze and sunshine under the umbrellas. Get ready and be amazed by this restaurant!

Address: Enric Granados, 19, 08017 Barcelona
Phone: +34 933 02 84 06
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 09:00-22:00

Flax & Kale

Flax and Kale , best brunch places in Barcelona

Cold pressed juices, gluten free ice cream, veggie burgers and more. Name it and you’ll have it. Flax & Kale is a restaurant that suits all foodies, especially for vegetarians and diners who are health-conscious. With their wide range of vegan dishes, Flax & Kale is known to be one of the best brunch places in Barcelona. The shop also has some of the most creative recipes like the starter grilled watermelon with goat cheese. This dish might sound bizarre and weird for you but it has received unanimous praise from all diners who have tried it, claiming that it is the most exceptional dish they have ever eaten.

Address: C/ Tallers 74B, 08001 Barcelona
Phone: +34 933 17 56 64
Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 09:30 – 23:30, Saturday to Sunday: 10:00-23:30


Tropico , best brunch places in Barcelona

Decorated with blooming flowers bouquets and plant baskets, the lively and bright interior design of Trópico energizes you immediately once you step into the restaurant. Trópico pays great attention to details and tries to perfect visitors’ experience by providing them with fancy food and beverages. Despite its high quality, Trópico serves at a reasonable price and has good value for money. We advise you to try out their signature tropical drinks and fresh juices. They can certainly refresh you from any bad moods or boredom.

Address: Carrer Marques de Barbera, 24, 08001 Barcelona
Telephone: +34 936 67 75 52
Opening hours: Monday to Thursday, Sunday: 10:00 – 00:00, Friday to Saturday, 10:00-02:00

Federal Café

Federal Café best brunch places in Barcelona

Federal Café is a spacious three-story-tall café that is perfect for both holding events with a large group of friends or spending some relaxing free time alone. Almost all visitors will order their distinctive shakshuka or egg florentine as the two dishes cannot be seen or found in other restaurants. The café also serves the loveliest coffee, especially the flat white in town and will mesmerize you with their other charming beverages.  You can always choose to sit on the rooftop terrace to enjoy the splendid scenery from above and have your first meal of the day under the sun along with the cute plants nearby.

Address: Calle Parlament 39 08015, Barcelona
Telephone: +34 931 87 36 07
Opening hours: Monday to Thursday: 08:00 – 23:00, Friday: 08:00-01:00, Saturday: 09:00-01:00, Sunday: 09:00-17:30

Still want another meal after eating at one of the best brunch places in Barcelona? Check out some of the must-try local dishes and enjoy your stay in Barcelona.

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