Erasmus student 101: 3 ideas to survive on a low budget

Just got out of the bank and realized your worst nightmare has once again come true: the month is almost over but you’ve only got €20 left in your bank account? Don’t worry, we’ve listed for you the top 3 ways to survive on a low budget until next month finally decides to show up. Check out our low-budget ideas for survival.

What to eat

The best way to cook at home in Barcelona is to find the cheapest supermarkets around. Lidl and Aldi remain the best shopping options for your weekly grocery shopping. Even if you’ll not necessarily recognize the brands they sell, you’ll quickly realize the quality of the products is just as good!

Another good Barcelonan shopping option is Mercadona. It is a bit more expensive than Lidl, but if you happen to find one close to where you live, you should definitely give it a go.

If you like cooking, buying from these stores can be a great option. But if you’re more used to eating instant ramen noodles or other quick and basic foods, you should definitely pay Asian supermarkets a visit, as they have tons of different types, usually for cheaper than the ones you would find in any other supermarket.

Where to go for free activities

There are tons of articles full of ideas about the free things you can do in Barcelona. Being on a budget does not mean you get to stay at home all alone, crying and waiting for the month to end.

For a fun alternative to lazy weekends, check out Barcelona’s parks and go for a picnic there, bringing all the amazing foods you bought yesterday at Mercadona. or search for free concerts and events near your area.

Anything free is always a plus, so if you want to take some culture in, a lot of museums have free exhibitions on specific days during the week. A day at the beach down in Barceloneta is as well a good way to cheer you up and get a bit of a tan.

Last but not least, make sure to check out any free walking tours around the city center, for a fun alternative to lazy weekends.

What to  drink

Here we come to the most difficult aspect of wanting to survive on a low budget as an Erasmus student: the drinking part. But chill, there are a lot of alternatives to staying alcohol-free during your Erasmus. Make sure to stock up on beers from your local supermarket as you can get bargains on certain brands and it will save you some money for those hard end-of-the-month nights.

Also, a good idea is to organize cocktail nights with your friends, as you can split the cost of several alcohol bottles and get creative with your mixology skills.

Did you like our ideas to survive on a low budget?

Finally, don’t forget to check out Erasmus Barcelona’s events for Erasmus students, as there are plenty of them that offer free drinks or have some serious offers on cervezas and sangrias. Find them on our Facebook page and Instagrams!

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