4+1 ways to make friends in Barcelona as an Erasmus student

So you just arrived in the city, found an apartment, and are now ready to explore the city in all its glory. The only problem is that you probably don’t know anyone here. You have no idea where to go to make friends in Barcelona. Well, do not despair because we are here to provide you with a bunch of solutions to make this semester the best one in your life!

Let’s start with the basics: whether you are a student or an intern, your work environment has plenty of other people that have the same wants you do. Do not be afraid to approach them, start a conversation or just compliment them on their outfit. I have found this last one to be my favorite because it makes people feel good about themselves and it’s also a great conversation starter. Be original, smile and you’ll start meeting new people at no time!

make friends in Barcelona

One very important thing to remember is the things that make you the person you are. Do you love cats, going to the movies, trying new recipes, or thrifting? You can find people with the same interests and passions at places that offer you the opportunity to realize them. Check out this article about the English language cinemas in Barcelona or the vintage markets you can find in the city, and go explore the endless possibilities. Initiating a conversation is so much easier when you know that the person next to you loves the same things you do.

make friends in Barcelona

Do you like the digital side of meeting people more? Social media have your back! There are countless Facebook groups of students in Barcelona, people with the same interests. Or even just some guys who are looking for a fun night out. Join them and watch out for the posts that invite people out for drinks, coffee, or picnics. Click your way into friendships and you never know, you may meet your next drinking buddy!

One of my favorite things to do when I’m in a foreign city is to pack myself a nice bocadillo and head to the nearest park for an impromptu picnic. Luckily, there are plenty of other people who feel the same way about hanging out in the open air, so I’m not alone and it’s easier to make friends in Barcelona. From there on, try to start a conversation. Maybe ask them to take a picture of you or vice versa, or even join in if they are playing music. People outside are much more relaxed and it’s more likely for them to welcome you into their group.

make friends in Barcelona

Last but not least, let’s not forget the Erasmus Barcelona meetups and drinking parties. It’s one of the best ways to meet new Erasmus students and expand your social circle. You might as well as get a cerveza or two at a great price. Check out our list of upcoming events and make notes for the upcoming ones. Even if you don’t end up being friends with all of the people you’ll meet that is fine. You’ll definitely get a hang of the next time you’ll want to strike a conversation with someone new. Don’t overthink it and just go enjoy yourself and make friends in Barcelona!

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