The 4 Game of Thrones locations in Spain you should definitely visit

The 4 Game of Thrones locations in Spain you should definitely visit

Daenerys at Dragonstone

No matter if you are a great fan of the Game of Thrones series or not, these beautiful places are definitely worth taking look at!

Seville: Dorne and Dragonpit

Many fans of GoT still complain about the way the producers wrote the Dorne’s plot and how limited its role in the series was. However, even though some people may not like Ellaria Sand and her Sand Snakes, Dorne’s famous Water Gardens were one of the most beautiful spots in the entire series. The Water Gardens actually really exist and were not just a product of costly special effects. They are the Real Alcazar in Seville, a Muslim palace in the very centre of the city that contains some lovely examples of Moorish architecture surrounded by water fountains, palm and lemon trees and green hedgerows. No wonder the producers chose this architectural pearl to depict one of the most beautiful places in the Seven Kingdoms.

Ellaria tower


A fragment of the garden outside the palace.

Ellaria Sand observing Myrcella in Water Gardens/Alcazar
Ellaria Sand observing Myrcella in Water Gardens/Alcazar from the very same spot.
Alcazar GardensSource:AD

Another part of the gardens with beautiful walls.

Sand Snakes fight
Sand Snakes fighting for Myrcella with Bronn & Jaime in Water Gardens/Alcazar.

The Game of Thrones was back to Seville also during seasons 7 and 8. The Amphitheater of Italica is located in the north of the city (it is possible to reach it by bus) and appeared in the series as the Dragonpit, the place when Khaleesi and Cersei met for the first time and where the surviving lords of Westeros chose a new king in the very last episode of the series.


This is how the actual Dragonpit looks like (unfortunately, there are no badass walls at the edge of it).

Deanerys and Cersei at Dragonpit
Daenerys and Cersei meeting at Dragonpit to discuss the White Walkers’ problem.

Check out our Trip to Andalusia if you wish to take a picture in Dorne’s Water Gardens!

Girona: the Sept of Baelor, Walk of Shame and Braavos

After Dubrovnik, Girona is probably the second most important filming location for King’s Landing. The most recognized place is definitely the stairs of Plaça de la Catedral where the famous “Walk of Shame” started, as well as various speeches of High Sparrow and king Tommen took place. Girona’s narrow streets have been also used for other scenes, such as the continuation of the Walk of Shame to the Red Keep.

The stairs of GironaThe actual “sept” may not be that impressive but it is still worth taking a photo.

Sept of Bailor
Jaime riding the stairs leading to the Sept of Baelor in Kings Landing/Girona.

Apart from King’s Landing, Girona’s Jewish Quarter also became Braavos for a short while. The most recognizable place is definitely the little street called Bisbe Cartaña where blind Arya used to beg during her assassin’s training.

Arya GironaThe Arya’s place in Carrer Bisbe Cartaña.

Blind Arya begging in Braavos
Blind Arya begging in Braavos.

Check out our Trip to Girona if you wish to visit this city! We go there for the stunning Flower Festival and also visit the neighboring Dali museum in Figueres and a lovely little town called Besalú.

Itzurun Beach and San Juan de Gaztelugatxe: Dragonstone

Dragonstone has become one of the most famous Game of Thrones spots in Spain due to its stunningly beautiful beaches and the long scenic wall leading to an island with the Dragonstone castle (in fact, there is just a little church there but it is still very impressive). Located in Pais Vasco in the north of Spain, it has been an significant spot throughout all the series, hosting many important characters like Stannis Baratheon and his family, the Red Woman and finally Daenerys Targaryen.

DragonstoneThe Itzurun Beach is the very place of Khaleesi’s arrival in the Seven Kingdoms.

Daenerys arrives at Dragonstone
Daenerys arrives at Dragonstone.

DragonstoneThe famous wall of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe was visited by many crucial characters, including the Red Woman, Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys and Jon Snow.

Jon Snow arrives at Dragonstone
Jon Snow arrives at Dragonstone.

Although Dragonstone is a bit far from Barcelona it is possible to go there with our Game of Thrones trip which allows you to spend three days in that beautiful area. A trip to Bilbao and San Sebastian is also included.

Bardenas Reales: the Dothraki desert

Ever wondering where the world outside the Seven Kingdoms was filmed? The answer is: surprisingly close. Spain is also home to Bardenas Reales, a beautiful desert which witnessed dragons and Dothraki troops led by their Khaleesi to take control over the Slaver’s Bay. The desert is located in neighboring Navarra and is absolutely stunning. It is worth a visit even for those who aren’t the greatest fans of the series.

The Dothraki desertSource:Wiki

The landscape of Bardenas Reales resembles a Western movie.

Dothraki waiting for Daenerys in the desert
Dothraki waiting for Daenerys in the desert.

Feeling like having a desert adventure? Check out our Trip to Bardenas Reales. It is one of our best trips which allows you to appreciate the great variety of the Spanish landscape and visit a home of many wild animals. The Bardenas Reales is officialy declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

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