La Mercè Festival Barcelona

Barcelona’s biggest annual festival is La Mercè Festival. Held every September, this is the celebration of the Saint Patron of Barcelona, the Virgin Mary, and one of the most awaited weeks by locals and foreigners.

The festival, that has been celebrated since the middle ages,
 includes unlimited big and small events (we are talking of more than 600 events spread through the plazas, streets, museums and parks!!)  that focus on Catalan and Mediterranean culture.
And what makes this festival even greater is the fact that all of the streets events are free. During la Mercè, a multitude of museums will also apen its doors and provide free visits. We must take advantage of it 😉

One of the highlights of La Mercè are the free concerts held on Barcelona streets. The most special ones take place at the Antiga fàbrica d’Estrella Damm (near Sagrada Família), at Parc del Forum and at Avenida Reina Cristina, near Plaza Espanya. However, there many many more! You will also find stages near the Gothic Cathedral or even in Plaza Reial, where local bands and DJS will make you dance all night long.

During this fest, you will also get the opportunity to see the Giants traditional parade. They are used in the opening procession of La Mercè which features mythical figures of “Bestiari de Barcelona” and giants called “Gegants i Capgrossos” from the medieval Barcelona.

Then, at Plaça de Sant Jaume, you will also be able to see the fire parade, where fire-breathing dragons and beasts will walk around the city center fascinating both kids and grownups.
After that, you can’t miss the Correfoc, where groups of devils run around the city with their fireworks and firecrackers.


You should also see the Castellers display – those famous Human castles! There are plenty styles of towers (with 2, 3 or 5 people on each floor, as a single individual tower, and so on…)  that it’s impossible not to get mesmerized! This performance always takes place at Plaça de Sant Jaume and its probably the most popular event of La Mercè.

To finish, you must take part of the closing act at the Magic Fountain of Monjuic, with roaring music, fireworks and thousands of Barcelona lovers!  You won’t get a prettiest end to La Mercè!

Besides all this, you will also find other type of events like beach rugby tournamets, contests, book fairs, dance and street art…
You must really see it for yourself 😉

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