La Tomatina Festival

La Tomatina is a very special spanish festival held in the city of Buñol once a year. The origins of this mass battle date back to a fight amongst children back in 1945! The prank has been celebrated every year since then and its getting more & more popular (nowadays it attracts more than 30 000 visitors!!)

As the name suggests, la Tomatina is pretty much about… tomatos. By the end of August, thousands and thousands of participants come from all over the world to fight in a harmless tomate battle. The purpose is quite simple: to have FUN!

During the festival, Buñol will be immersed in music, parades, dancing, fireworks… and also a delicious well known paella cooking conteste! Yummmy!


How does it works?

At the battle day, around 11:00 am, the Tomatina begins. A ham is placed upon a cockaigne pole and the tomate fight can only begin when someone is able to climb to the top and bring it down. The firing of the cannon is the official signal: it’s time to play! For now on, every man for himself 😉
Hours later, the fighting ends and the cannon is fired once more. At this point no more tomatoes can be thrown.
It’s time to clean the city. Trucks will spary down the stretts with water from the Roman aqueduct.

Buy your tickets!

Would you like to participate in this insane festival? Then hurry! You must buy your ticket before its too late (believe us, they run out very quickly…!) Don’t worry it is very cheap; only 10€ per person!
Visit the official web of the event fot further information!


Take care!

Well yes… goggles are recommended. Don’t bring your camera. Cameras are seen as positive invitations to pelt the owner. Make sure you squash your tomatoes before attacking someone!


For more information about la Tomatina, visit:

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