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All the Erasmus & International students and young people under the age of 30 are invited to join this trip! You don’t need any card or anything else to join this trip or to get our discounts!

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When you come to Spain you probably expect to be surrounded by beaches and palm trees all the time. However, Spain (and Catalonia) has much more to offer! The diversity and the richness of the landscapes in this country are truly fantastic. Our next trip will definitely prove this fact.

Join us on our next trip to Pre Pyrenees Secrets and explore a land where high mountain areas, river valleys with panoramic views, natural springs with healing power, and amazing cities with rich cultural heritage can be found – all in one place!

We will start the trip to a little village which is famous for its historic and artistic monuments. It preserved its medieval structure – it was surrounded by an old wall with a pentagonal shape. The Romanesque church in this village is from the 14th century and has a gorgeous golden baroque altar that will leave you speechless.

After having some time in this village we will complete a route to please and recharge the soul and body (and also to pump up your Instagram feed with the most envious pictures :P). On the way, the spectacular panoramic views of the valleys, the turquoise river, and forms of the mountain peaks will blow your mind!

What good is an Erasmus semester, after all, if not to get to know your host country more deeply and to discover all its hidden beauties which you would never have thought existed?

  • The Trip plan

  • Pre Pyrenees Secrets

    • 07:45 Meeting at Metro Plaza España, infront of  Right Tower
    • 08:00 Departure of the bus
    • 10:30 Arrival at the magical Valley
    • 10:45 We will show you the paths that will lead you to some of the amazing viewpoints.
    • 10:45 - 17:00 Free time to take a walk, enjoy the views and take some amazing photos to make your friends jealous.
    • 17:15  Meeting again to take the bus
    • 17:30 Departure of the Bus
    • 19:30 Arrival in Barcelona



Pre-Pyrenees Secrets


  • Private Bus ride
  • Amazing Views
  • Maps and Guides
  • Unforgettable experience
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