What to pack for Barcelona

What to pack for Barcelona!

Packing for your stay in Barcelona should be very well organized. To have some empty space in your luggage before leaving your home is definitely recommended, then you will have space for unique items that your Barcelona shopping will offer you. To make it easy and manageable for you, we have listed the most necessary things to pack for Barcelona below!  

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Summertime in Barcelona can be very humid and hot, and winter time can be very cold, therefore it is obvious that you have to pack different clothing for the different seasons even though Barcelona generally is a sunny city. Necessary items to pack for summer times is a bathing suit for the popular Barceloneta Beach, t-shirts, skirts and dresses for girls and shorts for boys, a light jacket and a shawl or a light scarf which also is a great item for covering up if it gets a little chilly or if you are visiting a church (to show a sign of respect). A warm coat, a big scarf, sweaters, long trousers and a pair of gloves is necessary during the colder months which usually is from November to February. If you want to blend in with the locals, remember that many people in Barcelona prefer to dress comfortable, conservative and not too scantily dressed. Short shorts and other revealing clothing are not really to be seen anywhere but the beach. Bring a festive outfit or two for the nights out as well, such as a nice dress or jeans and a cute top for the girls, and nice pants and a festive shirt for the boys.

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Comfortable flats are recommended when visiting Barcelona. In this city, you will for sure walk a lot on a daily basis, and flat shoes can be both stylish and supportive. Espadrilles and sandals are great for summertime. Flip flops are usually only seen at the beach. Sneakers and flat boots are good options to bring during the winter. If you end up not bringing enough shoes for your stay, do not worry! Barcelona has several well-known and local shoe stores.

Personal items

Bringing your personal items is essential. In Barcelona, there is a possibility that you cannot find the specific products that you usually rely on in your hometown, therefore: have yourself covered and bring your necessary products from home! Toiletries such as floss, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, cleaning wipes and lip balm are a must to have with you. A small first aid kit, as well as sunscreen and sunglasses, are important to remember for the sunny months. Double check that you have remembered prescription medications and other medications such as painkillers and jet lag relief supplement.


Your passport is a must, a clever choice is to make a copy of your passport and take the copy with you when you are exploring the city, shopping or sightseeing. Bring some other ID too, and remember your driver’s license if you plan to drive in the city. You would need a place to keep these valuable belongings safe while you are out, small safe bags like a passport pouch is a great solution to store your passport, ATM card, cash, ID and other important documentation. Also, make sure you do not leave your home without a travel insurance. Having a travel insurance will give you peace-of-mind if any unexpected things happen such as illness and other emergencies. If you wish to feel completely safe while carrying your valuable belongings, you should read the guide about how to avoid pickpockets and how to stay safe in Barcelona.

Practical items

You cannot overlook the fact that practical things are essential to remember when packing for a trip. Remember headphones, a sleeping mask, earplugs, and an umbrella for rainy days. It is also clever to pack a European electrical adapter and some euros in case some stores/restaurants/markets do not accept ATM cards. A small portable charger would not be a stupid idea to bring either, it makes it easy for you to charge your device at all times, you can literally carry it around with you everywhere. In addition, it is mandatory to bring your camera to capture memorable moments during your stay!

A gift

Last but not least. If you are staying at a friend’s home, in an Airbnb room together with the owners, or just meeting a new person that you develop a friendly relationship with, bringing a gift from home would be ideal. It is a really nice gesture, and you will for sure make someone smile. It can be a gift that represents your hometown or your cultures, such as something eatable, decoration for their home, or an accessory. It does not have to be something big and expensive. Remember the beautiful purpose of giving and that it is the thought that counts. Enjoy your stay!

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