How to get from A to B in Barcelona

How to get from A to B in Barcelona

Whether you are staying in a touristy area, a local area, the city center or far from the city center, there are many different facilities in the beautiful city of Barcelona that easily will get you from A to B all year round. See the opportunities below and choose the transport that meets your demands!    

Rent a bike

When strolling the streets of Barcelona, especially in the city center, you will meet plenty of bike rental shops. Both tourists and locals use the bike and you will see many people cycling in the city day and night, all year round. The city has many kilometers of bike lanes and hundreds of public bike parking opportunities. You will see the city in a new, beautiful perspective and it is a great and fun way to exercise. There are many different bike rental companies in Barcelona such as Ajo Bike, Donkey republic, Barceloneta bikes and Taller bicycle. The price is often low; some places you can rent a bike a whole day for just 5 euros.

If you are on a budget, want to be more adventurous than just taking the public transport and don’t have enough time to be walking everywhere, renting a bike would be a perfect solution. You can choose yourself if you wish to rent a standard bike or an electric one.

Take the bike taxi

If you have been out and about the last few days and just wish for someone to take you from A to B without using any strength yourself, a bike taxi would be a great solution. You will get fresh air and see the city in a more relaxed and fun way than a regular taxi. You can find bike taxis in the city center, especially near La Rambla and the Gothic quarter, and in the daytime, it is easy to find one that is ready to take you anywhere right away. It is also possible to rent a bike taxi that includes a guided tour.

There are several bike taxi companies in Barcelona such as Trixi and Funky Cycle. Be aware that this is not a cheap solution, so consider this an experience and do not think of it as a way to save money on transport.

A classic: public transport

Public transport is essential since Barcelona is a big and busy city. Luckily, the city has a wide variety of different public transport: the standards such as metro, buses, and train, and the rarer ones such as funicular, cable cars, and tram. No matter what area of the city you are in and what the time is, it is possible to find public transportation for reasonable prices. Learn more in-depth information about the public transport in Barcelona such as timetables and prices here.

Go for a walk

This is the cheapest and one of the healthiest solutions. Especially in the summer, where the weather is warm and other transport facilities often will be crowded or booked, there will not be anything easier than walking from your A to your B, just remember a map and great walking shoes! The city is not totally flat and you will find many uphill streets, but think of it as great exercise.

Don’t know where to walk? Read these 5 must-see spots in Barcelona to get some ideas! Walking based on getting a workout out of it? See Barcelona’s best scenic workout trails.

Alternative vehicles

If you are thinking about trying something new, you should think about renting either a motorbike, a Segway, skates or a scooter. These vehicles are not only transport opportunities, they are experiences and perfect for summer and spring. Of course, some of these vehicles requires that you have some sort of valid license. Near the city center, you cannot avoid seeing at least one shop that rents scooters and motorbikes. These shops are especially targeted to tourists.

You can find several shops that sell skates such as second-hand shops and the city has companies such as Barcelona Segway Tour and Barcelona Sun & Segway that offers guided tours on Segways around the city.


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