The cosiest studying cafes in Barcelona and where to find them

Remote studying and working can be either a blessing or a curse. During these times, it may be difficult to say with certainty whether your Erasmus experience – at least one part of it – will be in front of a computer or not. However, when you are living in a city as beautiful and as remote-friendly as Barcelona, there is no shortage of cool cafes and places to work in. We have gathered here a list of amazing studying cafes in Barcelona to check out and pay them a visit when the deadline for this assignment you have been dreading is slowly approaching. At least, with a good coffee and a homemade pastry to the side, studying gets a lot better.

1. Alsur Cafe Lluria

studying cafes in Barcelona

Just a few meters away from Placa Catalunya is a small cafe with a lot to offer. One of my favorite studying cafes in Barcelona, it has an amazing variety of pastries and sweets, as well as some really tasty tea drinks. You can plug on your laptop pretty much anywhere which is a must for places like this! Don’t forget to try their homemade cheesecakes!

2. Nappuccino

studying cafes in Barcelona

Nappuccino is the first siesta cafe in the world, which means that luck was with your side when you chose to study in Barcelona. One of the things that annoy me the most when I am working outside is that I can’t take a break to go and lie down in my bed or couch to stretch my back for a bit. Nappuccino gives you the opportunity to take your laptop or your book and go and take a nap or simply chill for a while in their specifically designed nap points. Studying has never been this relaxing before!


3. Casablanca

studying cafes in Barcelona

This is one of my favorite studying cafes in Barcelona, as the ambiance and the friendly staff make it so easy for you to focus on getting some work done. It has a lot of Moroccan details in the decoration of the interior and a great variety of teas that you can get either hot or cold. I’m not a big fan of coffee myself, so I cannot exactly rate it, but at least the aroma of fresh ground coffee is delicious and adds to the whole vibe of the cafe.


4. Farggi Plaza del Rey

studying cafes in Barcelona

Farggi in Plaza del Rey has definitely earned a place in this article, as its convenient placement a few steps from the Jaume metro station and its amazing environment make it a must-visit. The brunch options it offers are great and it also has a variety of fresh juices and smoothies. A lot of people go there to work for a bit, so the staff always knows to point you at the table that has a plug next to it. Make sure to try the croissants and sit under one of the many ceiling fans, for maximum enjoyment!

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